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Autumn and Harvest

We have been having lots of fun over the last few weeks learning about Autumn and Harvest.

Our role play area was a baker's shop with lots of lovely cakes, buns and breads. We collected Autumn leaves and conkers on our Autumn walks and made leaf rubbings and sorted items in our Autumn sensory tray.

Our Baker’s role play area

We read the story of ‘The Little Red Hen’ and made our own bread. We did conker and corn on the cob rolling pictures for our Autumn display and collected tins and packets for the Harvest festival at St Mary’s Church, Apsley. The money raised went to the ‘Full of Beans’ charity to help people in the Philippines and to the DENS homeless charity.

We used this opportunity to talk to the children about helping people who don’t have as much as us.

Our Autumn display
Conker rolling
Some of our Harvest Festival contributions
Sorting in our Autumn sensory tray
Making bread
Crunching through the leaves on our Autumn walk

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