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Our Butterflies

During our minibeast topic we had a butterfly farm.

Our butterflies started off as caterpillars and we watched them change over several weeks to become chrysalises and then turn into beautiful butterflies.

Our caterpillars
Turning into chrysalises

We had to keep quiet around the caterpillars and make sure they were kept in a dark place while they were growing.

When they became chrysalises we watched them change and just as they were about to come out we had to make sure that they had sugar water, fruit and leaves from our local area.  We then set them free to fly away on a warm, sunny day.

Growing bigger!
The butterflies have come out!

We read the stories ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’ and ‘Monkey Puzzle’ to help us understand how the caterpillars changed.

Beautiful butterflies
Our butterflies
Setting the butterflies free :)

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