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Under the Sea

Our topic for the last 2 weeks has been 'Under the Sea.' We have had lots of fun with craft activities for our display.

We have done fish bubble painting, string seaweed painting, made jelly fish, star fish, shark masks and lots more. We have also been singing sea themed songs such as '10 little fish, swimming in the sea', 'The Waves on the Sea' to the 'Wheels on the Bus' tune and the 'Fishy Pokey!' We also had an 'Under the Sea' lagoon role play area with our boat. We have been reading 'Sharing a Shell' and 'The Rainbow Fish' too.

working together to make our role play area
handprint fish puppets
fishing for sea creatures in the water tray
‘Hook-a-Duck’ maths!
enjoying a story in the boat!
our ‘Under the Sea’ lagoon
Fish bubble painting
Our ’Under the Sea’ display

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